about: Fit Wit' 3

Claudine Cooper is a Los Angeles based fitness expert, trainer and community health advocate. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Claudine is a dynamic woman who has created a lifestyle that promotes optimum mental and physical health. Her personal and down to earth tips on fitness, dating, sex, marriage, and overall good health can all be found in her honest memoir: 25 to Life.

Do not let the perfect body after birthing three kids make you assume that her life was always easy. As a biracial child, from humble beginnings, she was raised in a community that was riddled with drugs, teen pregnancy and gang violence.

Against all odds, she found a way to create the life of her dreams. With a “no excuses” approach, Claudine Cooper has successfully applied persistence, dedication, wise decision-making, and exercise to achieve a happy, healthy life.

As a busy wife and mother, Claudine Cooper manages the demands of a family of five all while maintaining a rigorous training schedule. She specializes in high energy, intense workouts and her packed classes can be found at Equinox, The Bay Club and 24 Hour Fitness.

Passionate about health and fitness, Claudine Cooper happily gives back to the community. She volunteers her time as a community health advocate for the American Heart Association, Mocha Moms Inc., and California PTA.